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Saddles for Sale


NEW! Saddles for Sale Just in Time For Christmas!

Berney Brothers handmade saddles from Ireland. These saddles will last a lifetime.

All are in excellent condition. $900 each
1. Monoflap 18 inch wide tree
2. Monoflap 18 inch medium tree (needs new billet)
3. Hunt saddle 18 inch medium tree...
4. Hunt Saddle 18-1/2inch - narrow tree
5. Hunt Saddle 18 inch wide tree


 Collegiate Dressage Saddle - 17 inch, $300

Looking for horse property?

Terry Adcock

Top Real Estate Agent
for Horse Properties


Board Your Horse at Oakdale Farm

Oakdale Farm Features:

  • Full or Pasture Board

  • Heated Wash Stall

  • Tack Rooms

  • Lounge & Restrooms

  • Indoor Riding Arena

  • Outdoor Ring

  • Cross Country Courses

  • Round Pen

  • 130 Acres of Trails

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Oakdale Farm Powhatan, Virginia
Owner/Manager: Terry Adcock
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Horses for Sale

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Oakdale Farm, Powhatan, Virginia

Oakdale Equestrian Center
 Tack Shop

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    Hunt Bridle - Flat, custom made with English leather, will last forever. Cost (Full, Cob & Oversized) $120.

    Padded Bridle w/o Flash. Cost $129.

    Padded Bridle with Flash. Cost $139.

    Padded Bridle with Figure 8. Cost $139.

    Dressage Bridle (Padded with crank). Cost $159.

Foxhunting Sandwich Cases - Custom made in Virginia using domestic leather. Cost $95.
  • Case  is 7in X 2in, with 5in depth  (There is no divider)
  •  Available with brass or nickel hardware
  • Special order available in black also  



Hunt Whip:

A: Whip $169
B: Whip w/thong $260
C: Thong $90
(comes with a St. Hubert embedded into the handle)

Stirrup Leathers (single leather). 1" or 3/4" - 48,54,60" length. Cost $49.
Stirrup Leathers lined. 48 or 54". Cost $59.

ThinLine Pads: (See price list below.)

Gloves: (See price list below.)

Call (804) 375-3007

http://www.oakdalehorsefarm.com/images/LogoOakdale100.jpgOakdale Tack Price List  -Dec 2016

Bridles   (reins are not included)

Flat Hunt Bridles (Horse & Cob & Oversized)          $120

Padded Bridle without Flash             $139

Padded Bridle with Flash                  $149

Dressage Bridge (Padded w/crank    $169

Figure 8 Padded Bridle                     $149


Other Tack

Hunt Breastplate Horse or Cob or over sized       $120

            Elastic                                 $135

5 Point Breast Plate                         $165

Running Martingale                           $59

Running Martingale attachment

            Horse or cob or oversized       $39

            Horse or cob with elastic         $49

            Standing                                $20

Standing Martingale                            $46

Standing Martingale attachment           $19

& 5/8 inch Rubber Reins                  $89

Soft Rubber Reins                              $79

Soft Rubber Reins in Colors                $89

Stirrup Leathers single leather 1 or 48-54- 60 - $49

Stirrup Leathers lined 48 or 54           $59

Sandwich Cases                                 $95

Thinline Comfort Dressage Girth          $95

Braided Hunt Thong                            $90

Hunt Whip (w/o Thong)                       $169

Hunt whip with braided Thong              $269

Dressage Whips                                 $30

Dee Saver                                          $16


Gloves and Clothing

SSG Winter leather Gloves                $35         SSG Eventer Gloves          $25

Oakdale Logo Shirts                          $40         Oakdale Logo Jackets       $50


ThinLine Pads

7305  White med or large cotton Trifecta pad                                           $149

7415   White med or large cotton Trifecta pad with fleece rolls                   $169

200E or 100E   Black or white ThinLine or ultra Half Pad                            $79

103 or 203       Thinline or Ultra ThinLine Contour                                       $99

Inserts per set                                                                                         $20

Oakdale Farm Powhatan, Virginia
Owner/Manager: Terry Adcock
For more information call

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